Benjamin Simmons Analysis

  Hello, our subject today Benjamin Simmons from Philadephia 76ers. Bu yazının Türkçe versiyonuna ulaşmak buraya için tıklayabilirsiniz.

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  Benjamin Simmons, 81 games (81 started) played in last season. The avarege play 33.7 minute in this matchs.


*Field Goal Percentage: 0.560
*Three Point Field Goal Percentage: 0.000
*Point Per Game: 15.8
*Assist Per Game: 8.2
*Field Goal Made-Attempted: 6.7-12.3
*Offensive Ribaund Per Game: 1.9
*The Total Point: 1279
*The Total Assist: 661
*The Total Offensive Ribaund: 145

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*Block Per Game: 0.9
*Steal Per Game: 1.7
*Defensive Ribaund Per Game: 8.1
*The Total Blocks: 70
*The Total Steal: 140
*The Total Defensive Ribaund: 514


*Turnover Per Game: 3.4
*Personel Faul Per Game: 2.6

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   Benjamin Simmons win the ROY prize in last year. And yet in first year, it approached the triple-double statistics. Simmons a complete player, gives priority to assist. Although is only the first year, he looks very mature. Basketball is playing very well in both aspects. We see this from statistics. Lebron James calls him ''Fresh Prince''.  The biggest disadvantage is not using three point; this makes it easier to defend him. This aspect needs to be improved because the three-point shots in the NBA is very important.

  Benjamin Simmons really promises a great potential. We will see what level to go.

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