Boston Celtics Analysis

  Hello, our subject today Boston Celtics. Yazının Türkçe versiyonu için buraya tıklayabilirsiniz.

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   A huge culture; championships; fans who fall in love with this game.. That's what I thought when called the Boston Celtics, I'm sure I'm not alone.  But for the last few years, they have been called "modern basketball", which is what they say. They deserve it..

  The current team emerged at the end of a project that lasted for many years, with a loop loop; Irving, Horford, Tatum, Brown and many others. When this robust project came into the hands of a very high-quality coach, it be wonderful. Let's examine it together.

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  Kyrie Irving, who joined the team at the beginning of last year, is the best quality Pguard player in the NBA for me. Ball handling, pass, shoot, penetre; He has all of these, and he's doing it at high level. There is a cliché saying, ''A team speaks up the quality of the guard player,'' he said. Okay, basketball's changed, but the guard player's value is still too much. Kyrie, who scored 24.4 points per game last season, is a great chance for the Boston Celtics. There's a Terry Rozier right behind him, and he's a young, potential name. He did a very special job in the matches he took last season. It's pretty clear in front of him.

  In the Sguard position there is still a young and potential name; Jaylen Brown. His energy adds a lot to the team. He's obviously very talented, but I think his biggest deficiency is continuity. Some of the matches don't seem to be in the middle, while some games take responsibility completely and save him team. Of course, there are a lot of names the shooting on the team, but the decline should not be this level. However, he is only 21 years old and scored 14.5 points per game the last season, and need don't forget this. Just behind him is another energetic name Marcus Smart, 24 years old, and he adds a lot to the team in terms of defense. He can do good things for the offense, even if he's not always on his day.

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  The first prominent names in the team's forward position are Hayward and Tatum. Gordon Hayward suffered a injuries that no one would want to remember in his first game last season, and he didn't play all season. He returned very strongly at the beginning of this season, but he is not quite normal in his old athletics because he has just returned. It will add a lot to the team with its shoots and experience, but it's a little early for lot.

  Jayson Tatum.. I think it's the team's future. He's a really naïve talent and he's only 20. He's defensive, he's getting rebound, he shoots, he does penetrating, he makes asists. And again, I repeat, he's only 20. He's so having so much time to add somethings to himself. How good player will be in the future? God knows!  Tatum, which started well this season, is playing with the average of 21 points per game so far.  Behind these two names, the Ojeleye and M. Morris are coming. He to his team with his energy to the Ojeleye. And Morris gets his experience and the Scoreer ID when he gets his place.

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  In the pivot rotation of the team, there are two experienced names. The Al Horford is both his big brother and his super star when it comes to the place for the team. Despite being 32 years old, the energy he has joined the team is appreciated. His role in this team is too big.

 Aaron Baynes was more of an player who used to appeal to old-fashioned basketball. But he managed to improve his shots and jump to the level to up. Little defense, little offense, he supports his team with support from the bench.

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  As I said at the beginning of my post, the Boston Celtics have a very good coach, a harmonious team and very modern basketball players. So much positive thing side-by-side, it would be nonsense not to talk about the championship. Celtics, one of the five strongest candidates for the championship is for me.

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