Joel Embiid Analysis

  Hello, our subject today Joel Embiid from Philadelphia 76ers. Bu yazının Türkçe versiyonuna ulaşmak için buraya tıklayabilirsiniz.

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  Joel Embiid, 63 games (63 started) played in last season. The avarege play 30.3 minute in this matchs.


*Field Goal Percentage: 0.483
*Three Point Field Goal Percentage: 0.308
*Point Per Game: 22.9
*Assist Per Game: 3.2
*Field Goal Made-Attempted: 8.1-16.8
*Offensive Ribaund Per Game: 2.3
*The Total Point: 1445
*The Total Assist: 199
*The Total Three Point Made-Attempt; 66-214
*The Total Offensive Ribaund: 143

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*Block Per Game: 1.8
*Steal Per Game: 0.6
*Defensive Ribaund Per Game: 8.7
*The Total Blocks: 111
*The Total Steal: 40
*The Total Defensive Ribaund: 547


*Turnover Per Game: 3.7
*Personel Faul Per Game: 3.3

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  Strong, funny and social media phenomenon. Yes, all is suitable for Embiid.  A sympathetic player for the their fans but not for rivals. A well spoken name both in and outside the field; Especially dialogue with Rihanna. Whatever,  let's get continue technicial specifications. He is a complete modern ''center'' player. Post game, assist, ribaund, mid range, long range, defence; he have it all. Leader of the team. It is undisputed that he is a very special and very talented player.

  Let's look him, can be champion? Of course with him ''buddy'' Simmons.

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