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  Hello, our subject today Los Angeles Lakers. Bu yazının Türkçe versiyonuna ulaşmak için buraya tıklayabilirsiniz

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  City of Los Angeles, stars. The United States ' most populated 2. city of Los Angeles basketball team is at least as valuable as the city itself.But this team, Kobe Bryant, after no stars.Some say he should have brought the best of Los Angeles; and they did.LeBron James is a four years contract old in summer 2018 is the Los Angeles Lakers wore the Uniform. Of course I will talk about what the team can do in general, but I want to write about the effects of LeBron's arrival and what it can add.

   Firstly, LeBron James is a brand both nationwide and worldwide. The Lakers shorts, which he wore when he came to watch the game he played in the Summerleague match, sold out in 1-2 days. This is a very clear example of the situation I just said.

  Another effect LeBron James will create outside the field is the leadership he will make for the team. LeBron has been the leader of his team, which has been competitive almost every year since he entered the league. It's his character to lead and gather the team together in the year, this will provide great benefits to the team.

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  Frankly, I think the Lakers ' players is suitable for many different gaming concepts;

  When we look at the PGuard rotation, Rajon Rondo, who is a very good passer, is a strong and athletic name for the defensive name of Lonzo Ball. Disadvantage for both names; The shots. But they are said to have developed both their shots.

  The Sguard rotation is more of a shooting and scoring player. KCP, Hart, Stephenson, Mykhailiuk.. These names are the names that can contribute to the offensive direction of the game. But in my opinion, they won't be able to contribute much from Stephenson in the year. I don't think Luke Walton's to give him a lot of time, because he's a bit far from playing discipline, in general.

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  After that, I'm going to talk like one for position. Because "modern basketball" is what he says us now, you know. 😃

  Of course, LeBron James, according to me, his team has done 50% for the championship. He can play all over the game close to perfection. One of the most complete players ever. There is no limit to what the team can add both technically and mentally.

  Brandon Ingram; It's a name I like very much and I think it's going to be a so better later. We witnessed a lot of responsibilities last year. This year, as he plays with LeBron, he will learn a lot and will be able to carry his game up to two or three levels. 

  Kyle Kuzma; Last year's surprise. He caught an exit unexpectedly and put himself in the rankings for the ' Rookie of the Year ' list. They say he works hard in summer practice. Of course, there is a significant potential, but there are many things that need to be developed. We'll see what level it takes together. 

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   Apart from these names, long players who could have a direct impact on the team, including Mcgee, Beasley and rookie Mo Wagner join this summer. Mcgee continues to develop himself, but to me, it's not a good enough name for higher levels. Michael Beasley is unable to demonstrate his talents because he cannot get out of the ' ' talented but problematic ' ' pattern; He could be a high-level player to me. Mo Wagner is a player I had a chance to follow last year. Not the level, but it looks like Kevin Love in style. He's a little more athletic. I'm more hopeful than Wagner, this could be the year's Kuzma.

  To end, the Lakers have the players who can play the modern basketball well. But it's too early to talk about the championship right now. I think the best scenario for them is to join the Play-offs. 

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