Stephen Curry Analysis

  Hello, our subject today Stephen Curry from Golden State Warriors. Bu yazının Türkçe versiyonuna ulaşmak için buraya tıklayabilirsiniz.

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  Stephen Curry, 51 games (51 started) played in last season. The avarege play 32.0 minute in this matchs.


*Field Goal Percentage: 0.495
*Three Point Field Goal Percentage: 0.423
*Point Per Game: 26.4
*Assist Per Game: 6.1
*Field Goal Made-Attempted: 8.4-16.9
*Offensive Ribaund Per Game: 0.7
*The Total Point: 1346
*The Total Assist: 310
*The Total Three Point Made-Attempt; 212-501
*The Total Offensive Ribaund: 36

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*Block Per Game: 0.0
*Steal Per Game: 1.0
*Defensive Ribaund Per Game: 4.4
*The Total Blocks: 8
*The Total Steal: 80
*The Total Defensive Ribaund: 261


*Turnover Per Game: 3.0
*Personel Faul Per Game: 4.0

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  One of the best shooters ever. Yes, Stephen Curry. Unstopabble score machine. Not just three point; penetrating, mid range.. GSW is very suitable team for Curry. There are some deficiencies in terms of defense. But this not obstacle be a superstar. He is 29 and he have 3 ring. Can win even more. Some people see him despise, says ''just shooting''. Its definitely not like me. Curry's only skill is not his shots. And the balance in him shots is tremendous.

  How many rings will it win with the 'dream team'? Well see.

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