Toronto Raptors Analysis

  Hello, our subject today Toronto Raptors. Bu yazının Türkçe versiyonuna ulaşmak için buraya tıklayabilirsiniz

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  Toronto is Canada's most populous and commercial-valued city. This city is cold, but it's a basketball city that's hot enough to relieve this cold.

  But this city lost its son DeMar DeRozan last summer. The shock took the path of DeRozan SAS after a breakup. Instead, Kawhi Leonard, who cannot play for a year because of ' ' disability ' ' came.

  To me, Kawhi is one of 4-5 players who can change the fate of a team and the top level in the NBA. Undoubtedly one of the best defensive players in the NBA (best for me). The offensive direction is discussion a closed player. In any way, the opponent can score the pot. He's a player who can't be stopped when he joins his athletics.

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  The first prominent name on the team's Pguard rotation is Kyle Lowry. He is one of the veteran of this team and an important quarterback in the NBA. Right behind him comes Delon Wright and VanVleet.

  In the Sguard position, there's Danny Green, who came with Kawhi. To be exact, he's a sniper. Green, a stable and experienced player, is the kind of name every team would want to see on their name.

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  We just talked about Kawhi. As a substitute for Kawhi, OG Anunoby, one of my favorite players in the NBA, is coming. It is seen as a "small kawhi" in terms of defense, Anunoby.

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  The Toronto Raptors, which are rich in long rotation, contain very valuable pieces, such as Valenciunas, Ibaka and Siakam. These names are all compatible players for modern basketball. All three regularly take time. But in my opinion, Valenciunas's defenses are really bad. If one offense is defensive in the match, it's almost three offense he will sleep.

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  The Toronto Raptors, who have been entering the season with a championship password for many years but have been distributed to the Play-offs, have added Kawhi as a leader in the team. As I said at the beginning of the article, Kawhi is a locomotive player who can change the fate of a team. The side pieces in Toronto are pretty strong. Besides, the bench in their hands is the best in the NBA for me. Technically, there's no reason they can't be champions. If they can prepare themselves mentally; Why not?

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