Utah Jazz Analysis

   Hello, our subject today Utah Jazz. Yazının Türkçe versiyonu için buraya tıklayabilirsiniz.

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  I don't know what you think of the Utah Jazz, but the word "defense" is the first thing that comes to mind. I've always seen them as a solid defense team in the recent past. But in the last few years, the team has changed the game style too much. Of course, there is also a share of the change in basketball, but we cannot ignore the factors such as how to Gobert's defenses, Donovan Mitchell's 13th ordinary draft, and polish the star, etc.

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  There's a European name on the Pguard rotation of the Utah Jazz. The second time he came to the NBA, Ricky Rubio, who developed a lot and started making a difference with his shots. When he first came to the NBA, he did not meet big expectations, but he found himself in the 2nd coming. There is nothing that could say the setter identity, and it turned out to be a very enjoyable player to watch when he developed his shots. As Rubio's backup, Dante Exum is coming. He's an athletic and scorer, a player who can reflect on the time he finds.

  In the Sguard position, the team's score load on his back, last year's ' ' Surprise rookie ' ' Donovan Mitchell. Mitchell 13. Despite the ordinary election, he performed an impressive performance and competed until the last moment for the "Rookie of the Year" award. Mitchell's a good scorer for me, but that's not enough. Basketball has changed; You have to do many different things now. When Mitchell can't score the balls he's using, he falls into terrible productivity points. Of course, there's no reason for the second year to be a matured and not a leading player. Behind him is Alec Burks.

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  First name in forward position is Joe. A 31-year-old Australian actress is a full ' ' Hunter ' '. He's got a very sharp shot behind the three-point line. While the penetration and athletics are low, his experience and his score contribution to his team are very important. As a substitute, Thabo Sefolosha is coming. Not as his offense, but he has a very superior skill as a defense, especially a one-on-one defense; Tell him the name of a player and Thabo the player to the dungeon with a daunting defense!

  Another name in the forward position is Derrick Favors. Not very athletic, but his defenses are on standard lines. Since his first arrival in the NBA, he has always been on a certain standard and that makes him a special player. His backup is Jae Crowder, a name I really like. He's a complete task man. Defense, attack, pass.. He does less less. Him, whatever the team needs at the moment.

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  In the Pivot position, the NBA has no doubt the best ' ' basket advocate ' ', Rudy Gobert. Yes, basketball has changed, the players who don't shoot are very much reduced, but Gobert is still too valuable for this league. If he's in there, the rival player has not to think twice, 4-5 times on the way to the hoop. In addition to this great defense, he is transformed into a tremendous special player when he added rebounds and number abilities. To me, this team is the secret but greatest hero. I wanted to take particular attention when I was choosing the title photo of this post 😎

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    They did great work in the 2017-2018 season. The championship for the Utah Jazz is of course far away. But if they continue with this mantelite, their future looks very bright.

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