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  Hello, our subject today Houston Rockets. Yazının Türkçe versiyonu için buraya tıklayabilirsiniz.

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  When it says to the Houston Rockets, I remember of the enormous isolation basketball they played last season. They played this game so good.. To me, Houston was the best basketball team in the past season, and the most deserved of the championship. But the game they played last season was so high level and so balanced that they could go back to those levels? Ambiguous.

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  The Houston Rockets are very rich in the Pguard rotation. Of course, the first name is Chris Paul. It's an indisputable fact that it's one of the finest passor ever. Fundemental, Smash, field view, vision.. A player who is fully seated in the '' Combo Guard '' definition. Behind him is Michael Carter Williams and Brandon Knight. And I think they both have the potential to start at the first 5 when the place comes. This is an advantage, but as the season progresses, this advantage can turn into a disadvantage in the direction of player psychology. The important thing here is the time distribution by coach.

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  The team's key player is in sguard position; James Harden. At the beginning of my analysis I mentioned the main center of the offense direction of the isolation basketball. In this system, the player who will send the ball to the hoop is of great importance. Many of us know how much Harden is capable of scoring. When we look at Harden's statistics, we see numbers that never meet in the history of the NBA. He's a really great scorer, and last season, he won the MVP award, which he totally deserved for me. His backup is Eric Gordon. He's a very special player. As score and defense you need a name that can provide continuous contribution to your team as a . And I'm the biggest candidate for the '' Sixth Man of the Year '' Award for this season.

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  The team is in small forward rotation for the, ' ' former superstar ' ' Carmelo Anthony. He can write long-lasting praise about his past, but the last 2-3 years... He was really a leader and a team-carrying player, but he couldn't find his form, he lost his old athletics, and his age is far from his old days. I think he's to lose his jersey to PJ Tucker during the season. Although Tucker is not an offensive-rich player, his defense brings him to the fore.

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  The first name of the team's power forward rotation is Marquese Chriss. Chriss, the new team, is a young and potential name. I've been following him a lot at the Phoenix Suns last season, and I think he can go up to 3-4 if he reveals his potential. An aggressive and athletic player.

  At Center position, there is a '' percentage high '' name; Clint Capela. Of course, the biggest take of his percentage is Chris Paul's. Capela give, as a number, a certain standard, and the team's contribution to a serious defense. It's not a Modern long but it's important for the team. And he's got the veteran Nene right behind him. He's a long way from his old days, but he's trying to do his duty in limited time.

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  With a high-quality coach, it's hard to get the Houston Rockets playing diffucultly basketball last year. But if they do, they will certainly be one of the greatest candidates in the championship.

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  1. Yeah, I agree James Harden is the key player but Chris Paul has a big role in this game.

    1. Yes you right. We have to remember Chris Paul.


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