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 Hello, our subject today Philadelphia 76ers. Yazının Türkçe versiyonu için buraya tıklayabilirsiniz.

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  Trust to process. That's the motto. And they did it. Years of ' ' tanking ' ' and the fruits of planning are gradually starting to recover. They're so young, so excited. It's obvious they enjoy the game they play. From the boring team of the league, they became the most anticipated set of games. It was also appreciated in the 2017-2018 season. Let's analyze the player structures and the characteristics of the player. 

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  I'm going to try to explain these two areas in Philadelphia because almost all of the players playing in the Pguard and Sguard positions are alternately playing in these positions.

    First, I'll talk about Ben Simmons. Last year's best rookie. We'll talk about it in the "guard" section, but the only position he can't play on the field is "center". Other than that, he's the player he seeks for modern basketball. I gave the information in this article about what he did last year. Yet very young but very mature and comfortable playing. He's doing a triple-double ''shaking his hands''. I think there is one of the players who will making the future of the NBA, but there is a big shortage; He shoots. In fact, we can't say that it's incomplete because we see a lot of three-point shots in practice. But it is absolutely necessary to reflect them to the matches. Especially when basketball's evolved. And when he starts, he's going to be a really unstoppable player. According to LeBron James, "Fresh Prince". 😅  

  Another young name is Markelle Fultz. Great college career, 1st row selection in drafts but then disability. This injury has cost him almost a season. A very moving, fast and relatively athletic player. But to me, agility and shots are not enough. Of course, he's young, but he has a lot to develop, obviously. With these young names, there's a veteran who really needs every team. The sharp shots, never to avoid responsibility; He adds so much to the team. Shots in After the P&R ; his signature game. I think everyone understands. JJ Redick. His role in this project is really huge.  Apart from these players these are the names of T. J Mcconell, Zaire Smith and Furkan Korkmaz, and the three names that I count are the players who come to the fore with more shots. But if they want to take more time, they need to make more improvements.

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 In striker position, the NBA's ''Crazy Boy'' Jimmy Butler, which included the team after the swap. Despite the fact that the team has just been involved, Butler, who has begun to do very special work, is a real star status for me. One of the best defensive players in the NBA, Butler is a scorer in the offense. He is not a sharp shooter, but it is definitely a player who wants to see his team in the championship.

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  Another forward player on the team is Wilson Chandler. Chandler, who we have seen in the NBA for many years, is an indisputable player, of course, but the risk of disability is annoying. But every time he's physically ready, he has a lot to give the team. The offensive skills and rust properties will be very impressive for the 76ers.

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  We have come to the most interesting and entertaining character of the team; Joel Embiid. He took the title of "Superstar" with the evolution he spent last season. A player who really has almost all the features. Gradually, he assumed the role of leadership and sat in the center of the team. Embiid, which is also a very spoken name on the outside of the field, is a very successful name on Twitter as well as in the NBA. The past few days, Twitter has even created a special ' hashtag '. Embiid, one of the most spoken names in the NBA, is a real star, and I think we've seen a few of them yet. 

 The other names in the long rotation, Muscala and Amir Johnson, are the parts I really like. They both have the potential to contribute to their team in the time they have. To for me the names of the 76ers management for the bench are very accurate.

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  A very young and inexperienced team 76ers. But their potentials are very very high. They have very talented and versatile players. If they continue their development at this rate, it is very possible for us to see them at the peak of the NBA in the near future.

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