Lakers - Pelicans; Who Win?

  The Trade of the year was finally completed. The Lakers, whose proposals have been repeatedly rejected since the winter months, finally convinced Pelicans and recruited superstar Anthony Davis. Of course, this big exchange should have a big equivalent. Now we will examine the details of this big trade.

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  I want to look at this swap first from the Lakers front. Adding LeBron James to the cast last summer, the Lakers were suddenly on the world's agenda. Now LeBron, an NBA veteran, would lead the Lakers' young players and develop together. This scenario, which is quite consistent in theory, never happened in practice. The Lakers couldn't get the kind of chemistry they expected, and they couldn't get the efficiency they expected from their youth. LeBron's physical problems also made the Lakers totally hard.

  In the middle of the season, the Lakers had another crisis. The Lakers offer was rejected, offering almost all the potential talents to Pelicans to take A. Davis. But when the details of this swap offer were reflected in the press, the youths Lakers disregarded completely mentally collapsed. The contributions, which were already low, hit the bottom completely. And as a result, the Lakers from LeBron closed the season before they could even play-off.
  But Lakers had no intention of giving up. From the Lottery to the 4th place, the Lakers ' hand was now much stronger, and as soon as the season ended, Pelicans received the superstar A. Davis, giving them the right to the Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart and two 1st round draft.

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  The fact that Kuzma was not involved in this exchange is a big plus for the Lakers. Davis is an excellent player, but only Lebron and Davis cannot make this team a champion.

  When we look at the side parts of the team, we can't see a player who can start the first five. Lance Stephenson and KCP, veteran players Rajon Rondo-Tyson Chandler, were the first to stand out last season. Rookie Wagner and Mcgee without any standard.
  The Lakers, who cast Davis, one of the most dominant players in the NBA, had a salary budget of 30 million. They have to use this budget fairly effectively. You should find at least 1 player who can play directly in the top 5, as well as players who will be able to come and contribute from the backup. And as a footnote; The lack of a "sharp shooter" on the team is obvious.

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  If we look at this giant trade by pelicans, we can see very positive things. I would like to start by stating that this part of the article is only a 6% chance for Pelicans to get the 1st row in the NBA Draft 2019. When there are many teams that make tanking, it's a really big chance for them to get rank 1 in such an important Draft. Big enough to influence the history of the club. Because, as you know, this year, the NBA Draft will feature Zion Williamson, a name that has been spoken for years. The Pelicans now have the chance to gain a greater potential than the 4th row he received from both Zion and the Lakers.

   When I look at the other players pelicans bought for this exchange, I'm really impress. Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram and Josh Hart. Even though Ball and the Ingram could not do the expected explosion, they often showed us the potentials they had. And they're both very young. Josh Hart has proved several times that he could be a good side piece. 

  The team will probably be involved in Zion Williamson and next to Ball, Ingram, Holiday, Randle. Pelincans are progressing towards becoming a team that does have the of their potential.

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  If we add humanitarian factors while evaluating this exchange, it is a positive exchange for both sides. Because on one side there was a team of unhappy Lonzo Ball and an Ingram, and the other side was unhappy A. Davis. These players have opened a new page. But if we interpret this exchange in a purely technical way, the winner will be Pelicans. Yes, the team lost a real superstar but formed a staff that could stamp the NBA for a long time if they reached their potential. In addition, they were entitled to 2 rounds of 1st round draft. If this process is well managed, the future team can be Pelicans.

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