NBA News

  Injury Report  (05.11.2018)

 After a severe injury at the beginning of the season, Bogdanovic, who has been apart from the team for a long time, is returning.

  Team officials said they were expecting the star player to return to the parquet with the Toronto Raptors match on November 7th.


  Zion Williamson Will Fascinated  (04.11.2018)

 The most popular name of the 2019 NBA Drafts, Zion Williamson, continues to fascinate the in NCAA.

  Born July 7, 2000, and weighs 129 kilograms, Williamson is quite athletic, despite the fact that it is seen as "cumbersome". One of the most Curiously anticipated players in the NBA, Zion is already very popular with his country and his team, Duke.

  Finally, I leave you alone with Williamson's performance at the Ferris State game with 23 points, 10 ribaunds.


Injury Report  (01.11.2018)

 - The Milwaukee Bucks announced that Greek star Giannis Antetokounmpo had survived the injury and say was to be on the field Thursday night at the Boston Celtics match.

-After joining the team, it was announced that Dwight Howard, who has not yet worn a form, has survived the injury and was to be on the field in the OKC match on Friday.


Comeback, Win and Tear (01.11.2018)

 The only player who is the MVP in the rookie season is Derrick Rose, you know. After his network injury, his career was upside down.

  Minnesote Timberwolves ' Utah Jazz 128-125 defeated in the match Derrick Rose scored 50 points and won the match for his team. Derrick Rose playing with 19/31 in the match, in tears after the game ' ' I worked hard for this. A very important moment for me. ' ' he said.

  A First After Michael Jordan; Luka Doncic (31.10.2018)

Doncic, who has fascinated everyone since the age of 16, also winds up in the NBA.

  At the end of the 7th match, the legendary name reached the statistics of Michael Jordan.

  20.0 points, 6.0 rebounds vs 4.0 assists the only rookie who could accomplish this before Doncic was Michael Jordan in the 1984-85 season.

  Before coming to the NBA, Doncic, who baig everything he can accomplish in Europe, It looks to like it's going to be too bright in the NBA.